Cambridge Improv Factory were formed in 2010 and are made up of four friends with decades of combined improvisation experience.

We perform regular monthly shows in Cambridge, as well as shows for parties and corporate events, with clients including Chevrolet and Cambridge Consultants.

We love Summer music festivals and have taken shows to Green Man, Secret Garden Party and Lodestar as well as working in immersive theatre at the Boomtown.  Continually seeking to improve and develop our skills we have been trained by some of the best improvisers in the world including Shawn Kinley, Patti Styles, Brent Skagford and Marc Rowland and with our former CIF player Clare Kerrison.

Our experience and flexibility means we can put together a performance for you that works in any environment and show times from twenty minutes to an hour and half.

"tear-inducingly funny" The Guardian

Kevin Wright

Heather Yeadon

Vaughan Allanson

Alex Wilber

He was there at the beginning; he’ll be there at the end. Doing it for the curly-haired community, this whippet-like improviser is a big hippie at heart. He never improvises further ahead than he can see, and besides that, it’s all in the reflexes.

Who's afraid of the ginger wolf? Actor extraordinaire, specialista, creative machine. Heather has been with the improv factory since it was a pup and is full of tales of improvised adventures.

Vaughan is the most childlike man you ever will meet. His innuendo filled gaggery will leave you crying in the aisles. He is full of playfulness and fun. He is a man not to be missed. Vaughan was once lost at sea but then was found. Like Harold from Neighbours.

Has no appendix.

Makes a great dinosaur.

Crazy for an expensive tomato

Once went to work without pants on.

Never misses a trick. Is VERY intelligent and funny, like a funny sort of owl creature.


Michelle Golder

Robert Jezek

Alan Hay

Kate Madison

Michelle would like to be known as zany. She isn't particularly zany, but she really likes the word. Her family always called her goofy and she doesn't like that but admits it may be closer to the truth. Clever would also be acceptable but not witty as that would be too much pressure. However, if you want to call her witty, who is she to complain?

Profile to come

Profile to come

Profile to come



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Murder Most




Corpus Playrooms



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Murder Most




Corpus Playrooms







Murder Most




Corpus Playrooms

The Directors Cut

The CIF players direct each other in a mixture of classic improv games and comedy sketches, using suggestions from the audience. You then vote for the director who delivers, or punish the director who doesn't. The Director's Cut often involves real fruit.


Travelling Communist Game Show

Join us, fellow workers! Let us create theatrical wonderment! Lighten the spirits of our comrades with wit and banter! Improvised scenes and theatrical challenges will be performed for and with you. Bring your ideas and personality. Join the revolution!

The Perfect Reunion

The Improv Factory invites you to join them for a comedy play based completely on your suggestions! They first met a long time ago, and now it's time for the much anticipated reunion. Whose become a high roller, whose fallen on hard times, and what's simmering underneath.


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The Guardian

"Whose Line is It Anyway-style, the troupe of four improvise to words selected, randomly, from a board. “Cock riot” backfired on the picker – the young man was hauled up to the front to find himself fitted with a yellow marigold washing-up glove over his and then a friend’s head. They took it surprisingly well. “FX” prompted a zany and rather brilliant sci-fi riff, with the audience providing sound effects (“beamy-uppy noises”), while “foreign film” saw a pair discussing fishing, growing old and fancying your mate’s mum in fluent Korean (they assured us) with tear-inducingly funny instant translations provided by the remaining pair."

Cambridge News

"It was magnificent really, and so much fun. With each act the storylines became more and more entwined, coming to a satisfying conclusion, but the risks involved with so few props and just their imaginations and reactions to rely on was truly impressive."

Ventnor Fringe

I saw your soviet game show at Secret Garden Party last year. It was my highlight of the festival by quite a wide margin. I love what you do and I thought I'd message you to let you know about a lovely Fringe festival I work with on the Isle of Wightᅠwho have just opened applications for 2015.

From our audience

'Best four quid I've spent in a long time!' Tony


'Page turning fetishism was just one highlight for me.' Johnnie


'You guys have chemistry, you flow so well together.' Audience member, Halloween Special.


'looking forward to the Christmas special already!' ᅠJo


I never got a chance to say thanks and how great it was. Loved it!! Emma


Brilliant show laughed all the way through. Martin